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Welcome to CreateTech!  Here, you take on the role of Ted, the terrible new deity who can't hold a job for longer than an hour.  Ted's been given the chance to create his own planet, but he has no idea how to do it--the Big Boss gave him no information, and Ted has no idea how his created lifeforms will react to each other.  Ted has to expect the unexpected and try not to ruin everything, but since that's kind of his thing, it's up to you to help him!

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Default resolution is 1920 x 1080.

Phase 1: Choose 3 out of the 5 ingredients to create a creature!
Phase 2: Click a spot on the grid to place your creature in your world.  2 storage spots are located on the right to store creatures.  You have 7 days to fill the entire grid, but be prepared--creatures will react to each other, and you have no idea how they'll act until you see it in action! 


  • Only one creature of a type can be placed on the board at a time.  If a creature is made via mating, that is allowed.
  • Creatures will react to any other creature that's adjacent to the newly placed creature.
  • Some creatures might like others, but that other creature might not always reciprocate the feeling, so be careful!
  • Only one creature can be placed on the board at a time.
  • Only 2 creatures can be put in storage at a time.  A creature can be taken out of storage without counting as a placement.
  • 3 ingredients must be used to create a creature.  

This game was started during the Seattle Indies 2018 Game Jam at the Pacific Science Center!  My husband Daniel and I worked as a team throughout the 48 hours to pull this weird little project together, and we're pretty proud of it.  It's come a long way since then and is the flagship game for Foxtopus Games, a small team working to make weird little games!

Install instructions

The game is in a compressed folder and comes with the Unity player.  The Unity player isn't necessary if you already have Unity.  

Keep all of the files contained in one folder to make sure the build works!


CreateTech Android - 1.1.5.apk 19 MB
CreateTech PC 1.1.5.zip 23 MB


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What a cute and fun concept! Who knew so many dangerous little critters could come out from mixing everyday household items?! It's fun figuring out what strange creatures will come from mixing the ingredients together. 

Success seems a little too dependent on Chikibisci; I don't think I've had a successful run without one. There seem to be an abundance of hostile reactions from many of the critters, and the more neutral creatures don't seem to produce enough offspring to meet demand over the time limit. Still, with a little memorization (and maybe an Angel watching over), Ted doesn't have to get stuck with Leprechaun duty!

Inclars also work really well, those are what won the successful round I got

I agree though, fun and good game