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5.27.2018: We have a new version up as a playable demo!  Please see the build notes in the folder for information on controls, known bugs, and other details.

5.23.2018: We are preparing for a new version of the game to launch as a demo on Sunday, 5.27.2018!  I've frozen the old versions for now, so you'll see the latest version up then.


This is my Game Jam submission for the Games Plus Jam!  I started work on Friday at 11 AM and finished Sunday at 10:15 PM.

I wanted to create a much bigger game (I'll bet everyone who does a game jam says that), where each level was affected by time and had puzzle elements that related directly to that time frame.  I didn't have time to make that many levels, so this version is a hyper abbreviated version of that idea.

The player moves through the level trying to get past enemies that were brought here as a result of her witchcraft experiments.  She has to move through the time distortions she created in order to try and fix the mistakes she made. 

Ultimately, I think I had the most fun with the main character, Istra.  She was a blast to imagine and design, and working her animations was a lot of fun!

All of the art is mine, except the UI elements.  

Please note: My first submission didn't have the Unity player added to it.  This current submission does, so you should be able to play it even without Unity.


Soundtrack: Allison Jones

Kenney UI assets

Hit the Deck sound effects (Unity store)

Cute Social Game Music Pack (WOW Sound)

Bite the Bullet font kit


Kobe Kon Demo.zip 21 MB
WitchingHourV3.zip 18 MB

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